Yankauer Suction Catheter without vent

SKUBCS 261298

Yankauer suction catheter without vent is compatible with any standard suction tubing. (Tubing / suction unit not included.)

You can find the vented version here.

MedPro introduces the Yankauer Suction Catheter without vent, a crucial tool for medical professionals and caregivers in various healthcare settings. This catheter is meticulously designed for patient comfort and optimal suctioning efficiency. Its ventless design allows for powerful and controlled suction, making it suitable for oral suctioning procedures to maintain airway patency and hygiene.

The Yankauer Suction Catheter is renowned for its durability and ergonomic design, featuring a firm yet flexible construction that provides healthcare providers with a reliable grip for precise manipulation. The transparent material allows for visual monitoring of suctioning, ensuring safety and effectiveness during the procedure.

If you need the vented version, you can find it here.

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