Oxygen Delivery Devices

A nasal cannula is a two-pronged device inserted in the nostrils that is connected to tubing carrying the oxygen available in a variety of sizes from infant to adult.

People who require hi-flow oxygen may use an oxygen mask. Oxygen Masks are not recommended for individuals with oxygen flow less than 5 LPM.

Ear Mates are soft foam tubes designed to prevent ear chafing that fit along the cannula tubing going around the ear.

Bi-flow Masks may be used by individuals when their noses are irritated by the nasal cannulas.

Oxygen tubing which connects to the nasal cannula is available in various lengths for your comfort and convenience. Sizes available are: 7′, 14′, 25′ and 50′ lengths.

Oxygen Connectors are available in swivel or straight styles used to connect the lengths of tubing. Swivel adaptors do tend to be slightly more expensive than straight connectors but do prevent tubing from kinking and coiling.

Cylinder Wrenches are required to open and close the cylinder valve when using compressed gas cylinders.