Oxygen Care and Maintenance

MedPro Respiratory Care or your home oxygen provider will provide you with instructions on user care and maintenance of your specific oxygen equipment. Here are some general guidelines for your cleaning procedures.

Nasal Prongs

You should wash your nasal prongs with a liquid soap and thoroughly rinse them once or twice a week. Replace them every two to four weeks as they will get hard and can irritate your nose. If you have a cold, change them when your cold symptoms have passed.

Humidifier Bottles

The humidifier bottle should be washed with soap and warm water and rinsed thoroughly twice per week. Air-dry the bottle before filling with sterile or distilled water. Replace the water bottle every one-two months. It is always recommended you have spare water bottles on hand.

Oxygen Concentrator

If you use an oxygen concentrator, unplug the unit, then wipe down the cabinet with a damp cloth at a minimum weekly. The air filter (external cabinet filter) should be cleaned at least twice a week. Follow the directions provided by your MedPro representative.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do not change the flow of oxygen unless directed by your physician.
  • Restrict alcohol and/or non-prescription sedatives as they may slow your breathing rate.
  • When receiving oxygen cylinder or liquid delivers be sure you order oxygen replenishment from your dealer in a timely manner.
  • Use water-based lubricants on your lips or nostrils. Do not use an oil-based product like petroleum jelly.
  • To prevent your cheeks or the skin behind your ears from becoming irritated, tuck some gauze under the tubing or ask your representative for accessories that can be used (EZ- Wraps). If you have persistent redness under your nose, call your physician.
  • Always feel free to contact your MedPro representative should you have questions about the proper use and care of your oxygen equipment.