Oxygen Concentrators –
Stationary and Portable

An oxygen concentrator is an electrically powered device that separates oxygen from room air, concentrates it, and stores it to be delivered via nasal cannula or mask to the client.

This system has a number of advantages as it does not have to be re-supplied, is very safe and is available as stationary units (30-55lbs) for home use, or Portable Units (3- 20 lbs), which tend to be used for portability or travel.

Stationary Concentrators, generally used in the home, weigh between 30 and 55 lbs, and have been used by home oxygen clients for over 20 years. They are capable of running 24 hours per day, 365 days per year without interruption and often provided with extension tubing (7-50 ft), which permits the user to move around with minimal difficulty.