Oxygen Cylinders / Compressed Gas

Oxygen is stored under pressure in an oxygen cylinder equipped with a regulator or oxygen conserving device that controls the flow rate.

Because the flow of oxygen out of the cylinder with a standard regulator is constant, an oxygen-conserving device may be attached to the system to avoid waste. This device releases the gas only when you inhale and cuts it off when you exhale. Oxygen can be provided in a small cylinder that can be carried with you for mobility or provided as back-up in case of power failure.

An oxygen conserver is a device that delivers oxygen to the patient only on inhalation rather than continuous flow, as through conventional oxygen delivery. This provides advantages to the client in allowing them to carry smaller tanks that last longer providing greater independence.

Oxygen regulators connect to the cylinder valve and provide continuous flow options meeting needs of a wide range of patients from infant to adult.

Below you will find cylinder durations charts for the most common small cylinders and prescribed flow rates.