Oxygen Conserving Devices and Regulators

An oxygen conserver is a device that delivers oxygen to the patient only on inhalation rather than continuous flow, as through conventional oxygen delivery. This provides advantages to the client in allowing them to carry smaller tanks that last longer providing greater independence.
Oxygen regulators connect to the cylinder valve and provide continuous flow options meeting needs of a wide range of patients from infant to adult.


Precision Medical Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Conserving Device

Precision Medical Easy Pulse 5

Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Regulator Conserving Device – The only pneumatic conserving device that delivers a pulse comparable to an electronic conserver. Very compact and lightweight with an average conserving ratio of 5:1 makes it one of the most efficient oxygen conserving regulators.

Precision Medical Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Conserving Device

Chad Therapeutics

  • Brass components in high-pressure areas and relief-valve zones
  • 20-micron, sintered-bronze inlet filter
  • FDA-recommended brass and viton seal washer
  • All flows tested to accuracy within +/- 15% tolerances
  • Meets ASTM-G175-03 promoted ignition tests
  • Ergonomic t-handle for easy tightening
  • Outlet pressure: 50 PSI
  • Operates in a wide pressure range: 200-3,000 PSI
  • CGA 870 connection
  • Made in China to our rigorous quality standards
  • 100% re-tested in our Naples, Florida facility
  • Two-year warranty
Precision Medical Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Conserving Device

Thermadyne Victor

The Respi-lite I Series of regulators are lightweight, compact medical oxygen regulators featuring an anodized aluminum exterior with brass internal components. The click style adjustment (0-8 LPM or 0-15 LPM) and integral CGA 870 yoke make these regulators ideally suited for respiratory patients at home or in a heathcare facility.


  • Aluminum outer shell and brass internals
  • Two flow ranges (0-8 & 0-15)
  • Built-in yoke