Home Oxygen Safety

Oxygen is very safe when you create the proper environment and conditions. Oxygen will not explode or burn but it will cause anything that is burning to burn hotter and faster. By using some of these basic safety rules, you will create a safe environment in which to use your oxygen systems.

General Home Oxygen Safety Rules

Never smoke while using oxygen and warn visitors not to smoke near you when you are using oxygen.

No-smoking signs should be posted in your home or on exterior doors to alert visitors that oxygen is being used and/or stored in the home.

Stay at least five feet away from open flames including lighted cigarettes, gas stoves, candles, lighted open fireplaces, or other heat sources.

Do not use any flammable products like grease, oils, aerosol sprays or any petroleum-based lubricants or personal hygiene products while using your oxygen.

Store your oxygen system in a clean secure area away from flammable items. Oxygen cylinders should be secured to prevent accidental falling.

Have a fire extinguisher close by, and you may wish to notify your fire department know that you have oxygen in your home.

When using an oxygen concentrator:

  • Avoid using an extension cord
  • Store in an area that will allow proper air circulation and prevent overheating (not a closet)
  • Store 12-18 inches from drapes or walls

This information is provided for informational purposes only and you should always be used in conjunction with your equipment instructions provided by the manufacturer or your home oxygen provider.