Medistrom Pilot 12 Lite Compatibility Kit for DeVilbiss, Z1 & Z2 units


Includes CPAP cables for for Breas Z1, Z2 and DeVilbiss CPAP units for use with Medistrom Pilot 12V Lite Battery.


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Medistrom Compatibility Kit: Universal Power Solution for Your CPAP Devices

Effortlessly connect your Pilot 12 CPAP Battery to Z1, Z2, and DeVilbiss CPAP machines with the versatile Medistrom Compatibility Kit.

Product Overview

The Medistrom Compatibility Kit is ingeniously designed to bridge your Pilot 12 CPAP Battery with a range of CPAP machines, including the popular Z1, Z2, and DeVilbiss models. This kit is your go-to solution for ensuring a continuous power supply to your CPAP device, enhancing your sleep therapy experience.

Key Features

  • Broad Compatibility: Specially crafted to connect the Pilot 12 CPAP Battery to Z1, Z2, and DeVilbiss CPAP machines.
  • Seamless Power Integration: Ensures a stable and efficient energy flow, for uninterrupted CPAP therapy.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy installation and operation, making it ideal for everyday use.

Ideal for

  • Users of the Pilot 12 CPAP Battery with Z1, Z2, or DeVilbiss CPAP machines.
  • Individuals seeking a reliable and simple-to-use power adapter for their CPAP therapy.

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Maximize your sleep therapy flexibility with the Medistrom Compatibility Kit, designed for seamless integration with Z1, Z2, and DeVilbiss CPAP machines.

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