Yankauer Suction Catheter with vent

SKUBCS 261299

Yankauer suction catheter with vent is compatible with any standard suction tubing. (Tubing / suction unit not included.)

The unvented version can be found here.

MedPro proudly presents the vented Yankauer Suction Catheter, an essential instrument in respiratory care for medical settings and home-based patients. This catheter is designed with a built-in vent, giving practitioners precise control over suction strength. This feature is particularly beneficial for delicate procedures where maintaining the integrity of surrounding tissues is paramount.

The Yankauer Suction Catheter with vent is known for its sturdy construction and user-friendly design. The transparent material allows for clear visibility, enabling the caregiver to monitor suction and ensure the removal of secretions effectively. Its rigidity is balanced with just the right level of flexibility to facilitate easy navigation and maneuverability.

Each catheter is made to be a dependable, single-use solution that upholds rigorous hygiene standards, thereby minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The inclusion of a vent in its design offers an additional layer of control for the user, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of suctioning needs.

With MedPro’s vented Yankauer Suction Catheter, you can expect a harmonious blend of functionality and safety. It stands as a testament to MedPro’s dedication to providing high-quality care accessories that enhance patient comfort and support effective treatment outcomes.

If you require the unvented version, that can be found here.

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