Eson 2 Nasal Cushion CPAP Mask


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s best performing nasal mask is now even better! To improve on a mask designed for performance and comfort, the Eson 2 improved on ease of use with VisiBlue highlights to show key components and an improved diffuser for a quiet and comfortable night’s sleep.

F&P Eson 2 Nasal Mask – Simple to fit and maintain

The original Eson mask introducing Fisher & Paykel’s new Roll-Fit technology. This unique cushion design allows the mask to roll comfortably on your face rather than dislodging or digging into your face. The Eson 2 matures this design with a new smaller cushion design for reduced skin contact and a more adaptable cushion to make getting (and keeping) a good seal even easier than before.

As well as this, Fisher & Paykel have worked hard at making the Eson 2 easy to use and maintain. The new highlighted connections make putting the mask together after cleaning much more intuitive. The headgear now has a blue crown strap to easily identify which way round it goes.

Additionally, the diffuser has been redesigned to make it more durable and can now be cleaned. You can now benefit from the noise suppression that a diffuser provides without having to worry about changing it so frequently. The diffuser is now built into the plastic cap, making it far less fiddly when removing and attaching it.

The Eson 2 Nasal Mask Advancements

As well as improving the cushion, the forehead support has also been made slimmer to make your field of vision clearer. It retains the same headgear attachment design that prevents the mask itself from touching your skin at any point.

The headgear has been redesigned to spread pressure more evenly over the back of the head rather than just across the top of the next. The new material also allows the mask to be put on by simply stretching it over the head rather than removing and attaching the clips. However, should you prefer to use the clips, they have also been redesigned to make them easier. The velcro tabs on the Eson 2 are more durable and should be longer-lasting than those on the Eson headgear.

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3 Months

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