Brevida Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask – Single Size


The Brevida by Fisher Paykel has an innovative AirPillow, that inflates to form a gentle and effective seal, with adjustable headgear designed to stay in place during sleep. A diffuser, which reduces noise and air draft, is washable and durable. The VisiBlue highlights are incorporated into the mask showing key components associated with daily mask use.

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The Soft and Secure Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask

Fisher & Paykel launch their latest innovative nasal pillow CPAP mask, the Brevida.

The Brevida is an evolution of the very popular Pilairo mask, designed with thorough patient research in mind. This mask not only provides comfort but also encourages user compliance with confidence. Adjusting to CPAP therapy can be challenging, so F&P have made the Brevida comfortable and easy to use to ensure that patients feel confident about using their treatment daily and getting the therapy they require.

Featuring an AirPillow Seal

The Brevida features an innovative AirPillow seal which inflates to form a soft ‘pillow’ of air while firmly sealing in and around the nose. The Brevida mask has been made user-friendly with a simple-to-adjust headgear strap. With velcro adjustment points, the user can easily tighten or loosen the fit of the mask until it feels comfortable and secure. The adjustable headgear also ensures that your mask is kept firmly in place while you sleep to ensure you get the desired therapy.

The Brevida Nasal Pillows CPAP mask is a great solution for light sleepers. By housing, a washable diffuser on the bridge of the nose, noise and air draft can be reduced. The durable diffuser can be washed easily, ensuring maximum hygiene levels can be kept.

The Brevida mask incorporates VisiBlue highlights, which are subtle colour cues that enhance the user-friendly design, helping the patient with daily mask use. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to fit and clean your Brevida mask.

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Fisher & Paykel

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3 Months

Magnetic Headgear Clips


Latex Free


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