AirMini Filters – 2 Pack


AirMini Filters – 2 Pack

Replacement ResMed AirMini Filters

These are replacement filters for the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP Machine. The pack contains two disposable filters and are not designed to the washed and reused. The filters prevent fine particles and dirt from entering your device and your airway.

AirMini Filter Ref: 38815

When should I replace my AirMini filters?

It is recommended that the fine filter is changed every 3-6 months or more often if required, for example, if it is damaged, torn or becomes blocked by dust or dirt. You should regularly check your AirMini air filter for any holes, tears, cracks, or blockages caused by dirt.

How to change your AirMini filters

Replacing your filter is easy; follow our simple steps:

  • Open the air filter cover on the side of your AirMini device
  • Remove your existing filter
  • Insert your new AirMini filter
  • Reattach the air filter cover
  • Continue your therapy

For more details guidance on changing your filters, refer to your AirMini user guide.


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