Humidaire Standard Tub for AirSense 10


HumidAir Heated Humidifier Standard Tub is compatible for ResMed AirSense / AirCurve 10 units.


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This Humidifier Chamber is a spare to the one included with the AirSense 10.

If your AirSense 10 does not already have a humidifier, then one of these chambers is all you need to add that functionality. However, you may also choose to purchase the ClimateLine tubing for optimal performance.

Perfect if your chamber has cracked, been misplaced, or simply built-up with limescale.

The dishwasher safe chamber should be washed once a week. If using a dishwasher. it must be placed on the top shelf and put through a gentle or light-load wash, not exceeding 65 degree Celcius. After washing, allow the chamber to air dry away from direct sunlight.

The standard chamber cannot be dishwasher cleaned and should be cleaned by hand regularly.

As water chambers are a consumable item, this product has a three-month warranty.

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