An Ode to Oxy and her twins, Gen and Gen

We always appreciate client feedback and Thank-Yous so we were pleased to receive this humorous poem from a former client.
An Ode to Oxy and her twins, Gen and Gen
They’re taken away, Hooray Hooray,
They’re taken away, Hooray!
Oxy and GenGen, are returned to their home.
No longer house bound, I am free to roam.
Whilst here, they were helpful to my sickly condition.
My ribs, cracked and bruised, enjoyed their emission.
Oxy’s thin tube, fifty feet in all,
Limited my travel to once ‘round the hall.
Gen and Gen were great for travel,
They just loved the car, nary a rattle.
Was asked on the street what caused my condition.
“’Stralian Rules Footie mate, Seniors Division”
Much more exciting than falling down stairs,
No one believed me, “You’re putting on airs”.
Was at the Pharmacy, for the drugs they dole out,
When asked by a young lad, not more than a sprout,
“What’s that thing that you carry? What does it do?”
“Why it’s my extra lung.” “Muuum, he’s a cyborg, can I have one too?”
To bed at night with 2 and a half litres of oxygen sent,
Through plastic tubes to awake in the morn all bent
Out of shape as 2 and a half meters of damned bloody tubes
Are wrapped ‘round my neck, my head, and manboobs.
I’ll not miss Oxy’s dull little hum,
Or her roar as she fills my outside lung.
I’ll not miss the tangle of plastic tubing
Or the two crazy big booger like things strapped up to my nostrils that are those damned frustrating and
bloody well awkward and irritating Nasal Cannula.
They’re taken away, Hooray Hooray,
They’ve been taken away, TODAY!
Never the less; Thanks to the wonderful folks at: Island Health, Medpro Respiratory Care, Blue Cross, and, in particular to Dr. Manhas.