Do you mind if we pat ourselves on the back a little?

2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results (British Columbia)

In 2011, like every year before, MedPro Respiratory Care asked over 300 of our customers to comment on their service experience with our various offices across the province and again this year they gave us a resounding vote of confidence and support rating our service > 9 out of 10 on every question!!

Survey Questions

Question #1
Call answered professionally and courteously?
9.23 Scale (1-10)

MedPro is committed to providing professional and courteous service to all of our Home Oxygen and CPAP customers, be it on the phone or in person. It is gratifying to see we are working towards this goal as experienced by our customers.

Question #2
Were our staff helpful and knowledgeable?

MedPro clinical, technical or support staff is trained to provide knowledgeable support to our customers during all interactions. Being ‘the experts’ and a resource to our customers is our goal and I’m glad to see we are working towards this end.

Question #3
Did you have ample time to ask questions of staff?

No one wants to feel rushed when dealing with their respiratory supplier! We are committed to making sure that doesn’t happen when dealing with us. Our clients seem to be saying that we are living up to this standard.

Question #4
Would you recommend MedPro to others?

The biggest compliment we can receive is the recommendation of our service to friends, family and co-workers by our client’s. This is the ultimate validation of the service we are providing!
While the results of our latest satisfaction survey make us smile and let us know that we are doing right by our clients, we know that it will take the ongoing commitment and focus of each staff member throughout the province to ensure the level of service experienced by our clients continues to meet or exceed this high standard.
We are committed to this goal!
George Louvros
Registered Respiratory Therapist