Vix One Disposable Mouthpiece and Nebulizer Cup


For short term use, up to two weeks, this 10cc nebulizer cup includes a mouthpiece, tee and 7 ft tubing. Ideal particle size production (MMAD=2.7?) allowing high lung deposition which results in maximum therapeutic effect. VixOne? features an anti-spill Tee , with a leak-proof and secure seal with simple 1/4 turn assembly design.
Nebulizes medications in upright positions or at angles up to 45?

Vix One Disposable Mouthpiece and Nebulizer Cup: Enhancing Your Respiratory Care

Experience simplicity and efficiency in respiratory treatments with the Vix One Disposable Mouthpiece and Nebulizer Cup.

Product Overview

The Vix One Disposable Mouthpiece and Nebulizer Cup is designed for single-use, ensuring maximum hygiene and efficiency in respiratory therapy. It’s an ideal choice for patients requiring aerosol medication, including those with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions.

Key Features

  • Hygienic Design: Single-use to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most standard nebulizers, offering versatility and convenience.
  • Optimal Medication Delivery: Engineered for efficient and thorough dispersion of medication, ensuring effective treatment.
  • Patient-Friendly: Easy to use and comfortable, enhancing patient compliance and comfort during treatments.

Ideal for

  • Individuals seeking a hygienic, effective solution for aerosol therapy.
  • Healthcare facilities requiring disposable, easy-to-use respiratory care accessories.

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