AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask

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The ResMed Airfit F30 Full face mask system is minimal contact, with a one-size-fits-all headgear to contour to nearly every face for an accurate, first-time fit. The UltraCompact cushion rests under the nose, and is designed to prevent nasal bridge discomfort and red marks, and convenient if you wear glasses to read or watch TV in bed. QuietAir™ vent technology breaks up exhaled air, reducing noise. Magnetic clips make it fast and easy to put the mask on and take it off, as well as a quick-release elbow helps you easily disconnect and reconnect to therapy. (Avaiable in Small or Medium)

AirFit F30: The minimal-contact full-face CPAP mask

The AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask is an ultra-compact, minimal-contact CPAP mask from ResMed. The F30 combines an oral cushion over the mouth with a smaller one sitting underneath, rather than around, the nose, eliminating contact with the nasal bridge. The mask is very soft, comfortable and quiet thanks to ResMed’s “QuietAir” diffuser, which releases exhaled air through many small holes rather than a few larger ones. This significantly reduces the noise of exhaled air and reduces the jets, which can be disturbing to those sleeping nearby.

The Airfit F30 is suitable if you breathe through your mouth at night or suffer from restricted nasal breathing. The mask is unobtrusive allowing you to read and watch television more easily.


Benefits of the AirFit F30

  • The AirFit F30 uses ResMed’s “QuietAir” diffuser, which releases exhaled air through many small holes rather than a few larger ones. To reduce the noise of exhaled air and reduce the jets, which can be disturbing to those sleeping nearby. ResMed’s testing found this design to be 89% quieter than their previous one. The diffuser is also a quick-release, allowing you to disconnect the CPAP tubing easily.
  • The F30 removes any contact from the nasal bridge. The nasal bridge is among the most troublesome areas for mask leakage and also for skin damage, and marks from the mask.
  • Positioning the cushion under the nose helps tackle skin irritation and air leaks. The nasal bridge is bone, whereas under the nose is cartilage, providing more “give” to enable the mask to seal comfortably and effectively.
  • Another benefit of this design is keeping your field of vision clear. This is particularly beneficial for those who wear glasses or who experience claustrophobia when wearing a CPAP mask.
  • Easy-to-use magnetic clips for adjusting.

AirFit F30 – the lightest full-face CPAP mask

The AirFit F30’s smaller frame also makes it very lightweight. The frame and cushion weigh 50% less than the AirFit F20 (45 grams to 92). This allows you to sleep more naturally while on your side, with less weight pulling down.

The padded headgear is similarly designed to make the mask less noticeable and therefore encourage natural sleep.

Sizing your ResMed AirFit F30

1) To determine your cushion size (small or medium), click here to download the AirFit F30 full face mask fitting template. Print it to size and trim it from the paper.

2) Standing in front of a mirror, hold the template horizontally in front of your face and place it under your nose. Make sure it’s directly under the nostrils rather than on the top of the nose.

3) Select the matching cushion size (small or medium) based on where the outer edge of your nostrils contacts the template. Cushion size is based on the width of your nose (rather than its length).

4) If the width of your nose breaches the template margins, size up to a medium.

Please note – The magnetic clips make this mask unsuitable if you wear a pacemaker. ResMed provides all sizes of this mask with the standard headgear size; it is also available in small or large if required. Alternative headgear sizes much be purchased separately and cannot be swapped.

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