Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximetry is a simple non-invasive method of monitoring the percentage of hemoglobin (Hb) which is saturated with oxygen-expressed as  a percentage (%). The pulse oximeter consists of a probe attached to a patient’s finger or ear lobe which is linked to a computerised unit. The unit displays the percentage of Hb saturated with oxygen and heart rate.

Pulse oximeters are available in a wide range of sizes but the units below are focused on those that can be used in a home or clinical setting to ‘spot’ check oxygen levels to ensure they stay within normal limits.

Note: It is important to note that a number of factors can impact pulse oximeter accuracy including, but not limited to, decreased blood flow to the area being monitored (fingers or ear lobes), motion artifact (shaking) and battery strength. It is imperative clients understand the limitations of these devices and understand they should always be used as an adjunct to care not a sole measure of oxygenation.


GO2 pulse oximeter from Medpro Respiratory Care

The pulse oximeter that delivers new opportunities for you and your patients

The quality construction and high accuracy of the GO2 finger oximeter allows oxygen patients to take greater control of their lives while creating a new business opportunity for homecare providers.

Oxygen patients now have a quality alternative in an accurate, affordable and durable oximeter allowing them the freedom they need to go about their activities. GO2 provides the opportunity to offer patients a personal oximeter that provides accuracy comparable to professional oximeters.

Oxygen users will benefit from GO2‘s reliable and accurate oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring information, which allows them to manage both their oxygen and their activity level.

Part No. RES-GO2

Nonin 9550 Onyx II Fingertip Oximeter

Onyx 9550 Fingertip OximeterSmall and Convenient. Turn off mechanism allows for 2500 spot-checks or 21 hours of continuous use. Accommodates a wide range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult. Durable and reliable.

Part No.  NN9550

Download the Onyx II Brochure ( 365 kb pdf)

9500 Onyx Fingertip Oximeter

Onyx 9500 Fingertip Oximeter The original Onyx fingertip oximeter from Nonin. The Onyx provides a cost effective solution for spot checks and short term monitoring. Unit allows for 18 hrs of continuous use; 1600 spot checks. This unit offers unparalleled reliability and performance that is easy and affordable.

Part No. NN9500

Download the Onyx 9500 Brochure ( 577 kb pdf)

8500 Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Handheld 8500 Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter The 8500 Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter provides a simple universal tool for patient monitoring – from spot-checks to continuous monitoring. Simple to use with bright LED displays and easy 3-button operation. Typical battery life of 100 hours. Works with all Nonin’s full line of Purelight SpO2 sensors. Also available with memory and/or alarms.

Part No.  NN8500

Download the 8500 Series Brochure ( 1,084 kb pdf)