VixOne Asthma Nebulizer with 7′ Tubing

VixOne Nebulizer with 7′ Tubing

High output asthma nebulizer to help deliver medication quickly and efficiently.
Part No. WES0310 (w/Adult mask)
Part No. WES0311 (w/Pediatric Mask)
Part No. WES0312 (w/ Pediatric Dragon Mask)

PARI LC® Star Reusable Asthma Nebulizer

PARI LC® Star Reusable Nebulizer

(For use with PARI TREK and VIOS Compressor)

The PARI LC® Star was designed for treating the deepest part of the lungs or for those patients with smaller airways due to age or advanced disease state. The LC® Star is designed to deliver the smallest particle size of all PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizers with the highest percentage of particles in the respirable range.
LC® Star performance with the PARI PRONEB® Ultra II compact compressor:

  • Treatment times of 6.5 to 8 minutes
  • 78% of medication < 5um
  • 3.1 um MMD

Part No. PAR022F51

PARI LC® PLUS Reusable Asthma Nebulizer

PARI LC® PLUS Reusable Nebulizer

(For use with PARI TREK and VIOS Compressor)
The PARI LC® PLUS is the standard jet nebulizer used by Pharmaceutical Companies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of nebulized medication such as TOBI®, Xopenex® and Pulmicort Respules®. Featuring the PARI LC® breath enhanced technology; the LC® Plus quickly delivers over 65% of the prescribed medication in the respirable range. Prescribed for over 10 years by Physicians worldwide, the PARI LC® Plus is the gold standard for aerosolized medication delivery.
LC® Plus performance with the PARI PRONEB® Ultra II compressor:

  • Treatment times of 6 to 7 minutes
  • 65% of medication < 5um
  • 3.5 um MMD

Part No. PAR022F81

PARI Trek® Compact Compressor Asthma Nebulizer

PARI Trek® Compact Compressor

This unit is ideal for active patients who want to take their aerosol treatments anywhere and everywhere. Small and lightweight, yet powerful.  Three power source options, AC compatibility (100 yo 240V), 12 volt DC and battery.
Part No.  PAR-47F45-LCS

PARI VIOS™ Aerosol Delivery System Asthma Nebulizer

PARI VIOS™ Aerosol Delivery System

The Vios™ Aerosol Delivery System is designed from PARI’s long legacy of clinically proven products and consists of two important components: a Vios™ compressor and a PARI nebulizer. The Vios delivers consistent particle size and fast treatments resulting in targeted delivery to the lungs.
Exclusive to PARI, Timestrip® is an easy to use visual indicator that monitors time elapsed from a patient’s first treatment to 6 months. No more guess work or hassle with calendars – Timestrip® clearly instructs patients to replace their PARI reusable nebulizer every 6 months.

  • Easy to use and activate
  • Great for Patient Reminder programs

Part No. PAR310F35-LCS (Standard, LC® Sprint)
Part No. PAR310F83-LC+ (Standard, LC® Plus)