MedPro Vancouver expands access to Oral Appliance therapy to treat Sleep Apnea and Snoring

MedPro Respiratory Care is pleased to announce Dr. Sharnell Muir, a dedicated Dental Sleep Medicine provider, will be available to provide access to Oral Appliance therapy for clients complaining of snoring, mild OSA , Moderate OSA and where CPAP therapy was unsuccessful or not tolerated.
Dr. Muir will provide no charge evaluations to determine if clients are good candidates for oral appliance therapy for OSA and snoring at our Vancouver Office located at # 200-1841 West Broadway.
Dr. Muir’s Oral Appliance program is comprehensive including no charge initial 30 minute consultation to discuss oral appliance therapy, review previous sleep studies and treatment options tried and discuss appointments needed and costs of treatment.
Oral Appliances have been recognized as a first line treatment for Snoring, Mild OSA and Moderate OSA when provided by a Dental professional with specific training in dental sleep medicine and combined with a thorough follow-up program.
Dr. Muir is a member of the American Academy Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) , BC College of Dental Surgeons (CDSBC), Canadian Dental Association (CDA), Canadian Sleep Societies (CSS) and World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM)