Save up to $400 on your replacement CPAP now!

Can’t sleep because your old and noisy CPAP isn’t giving you the benefit you need?

This might be the right time to replace your old CPAP and save up to $400 on your new unit.

Your New CPAP

  • Quieter improving comfort for you and your bed partner.
  • Improved humidification decreases dryness and congestion.
  • Improved comfort features make it easier to breath on CPAP.
  • Internet pricing with local support and service.
  • This is a special limited offer and if you upgrade your old CPAP now you can save up to $400 on your new unit.

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    If your ready for a more comfortable night’s sleep then contact us now and learn more. Speak to a CPAP specialist today about our special limited offer to upgrade your old CPAP to a new unit.

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    We’re standing by to answer all you questions and get you on your way to a smarter approach to apnea therapy.

    MedPro Respiratory Care strongly recommends individuals newly diagnosed with sleep apnea engage the services of a trained sleep clinician before purchasing a CPAP device. This program is not extended to individuals requiring a no charge trial introduction to CPAP therapy with support from a MedPro sleep clinician and is targeted specifically to individuals currently on CPAP therapy wishing to upgrade their CPAP machine or CPAP mask to ensure ongoing optimum success with therapy. Some limitations apply. Call for details.